Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I Found Out About TAFFY

I stole this idea from Shannon Messenger (if you haven't seen her blog, pop over soon). I have Googled my name a few times to see what pops up.

If I goggle my first name, this is what I get from Wikipedia:

Taffy can refer to any of the following:

  • A type of chewy candy
  • Taffy horses are silver dapple colored (I had friends whose dogs were named Taffy)
  • A nickname for Navy-Task Units in WWII. e.g.: Taffy III
  • Taffy is the daughter of the president in MARS ATTACKS! (I'm writing an alien abduction story!)
  • Taffy is a singer known for her 'I Love My Radio' record. (Couldn't find it to listen.)
  • Taffy is also a song sung by Lisa Loeb (It's, um, interesting. There's also a song called Laffy Taffy. Again, interesting.)
  • Slang for the drug Tafil, used to treat anxiety disorders. (Great!)
When I add Google my whole name I find the top hit is Listorious. Kinda forgot I was on that site. What is it anyway? Can anyone explain it to me? I think it has something to do with Twitter.

The next hit is this blog.
Then my Twitter account.

Someday, I hope my top hit will be one of my books :)

Google your name! Let me know what you find.


Peggy said...

Wikipedia says these three things about my name:

# a 1911 musical comedy by Stuart and Bovill
# people with the given name Peggy
# Mitsubishi Ki-67, an Imperial Japanese Army medium bomber during the Second World War given the Allied code name "Peggy"

Awesome. A musical comedy and a Japanese bomber. Someone should combine the two, because then it would be truly awesome.

Christine Fonseca said...

Love your list!

Taffy said...

Peggy, you and me involved in WWII!

I wonder what your name comes up with, Christine?

Kimi said...

Well, there is a famous race car driver named Kimi Raikonnen. He always pops up in searches for Kimi.

But Kimi Farley is all me. There's no other Kimi Farley just like there's no other Taffy Lovell.

On Google it brings up facebook and my blog and the entry I have on

The only interesting thing that comes up is a score I got on a hundred years ago when you got me hooked on that site for like a YEAR! Haha!

Taffy said...

Kimi! I forgot about Engrish and Filmwise!