Monday, June 14, 2010

Do Not Fear

I got this excerpt from Procrastinating Writers Blog.

Fear of Writing What You Really Want to Write
Do you ever feel like you’re writing, but you’re not really writing what you want to be writing? Do you ever feel like you’re holding back and not really letting your true voice speak through your writing? Do you keep your writing hidden from the world?

Well, then you may be one of those writers I mentioned. The ones who allow fear to censor them.

Still don’t know if you’re one of those writers?

Here are more examples:

  • You would love to write a hard-core crime novel, but think that only men can write books like that.
  • You secretly write romance novels and never show them to anyone. You know your family would go nuts if they found out you were writing “smut.”
  • You’d love to tell the story of your workplace—only really exaggerated and with a twist—but if anyone from work read it, you might have to quit your job.
  • You have a pretty bad potty mouth. In real life. But in your writing, you always speak sweetly and professionally.
  • Your confess-all memoir would definitely be a bestseller. But you can’t publish it ‘til everyone you know is dead.

I think you get the idea…

Tomorrow, help in overcoming fear.

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