Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chasing Twilight! Contests!

InkSplasher is having a fantastic contest! Everyday from now to July 3rd, you can earn prizes and all sorts of prizes throughout the month. Click here to find out more!

On Writer's Ally many, many books are being given away! Get over there right now and win yourself some books!

Does your story have a great first sentence? A No. 2 Pencil Stat! (cute, right?) is having a first sentance contest. Win $25 gift cert on amazon.

Book Chick City has sent out a challenge to read 8 romance novels between June 1-Sept1. Apparently, she enjoys horror/urban fantasy more and wants to broaden her horizons (shouldn't we all?) Click here to read more.

Sara @ Babbling Flow is giving away everything vampire (mostly books)(and almost ALL are signed!) in her Vampire giveaway. Fly over and enter!

LDS Women's Review is having a summer contest too! Win books (who doesn't need more books??) Click here to find out more.

Win "Awakening Avery" or a cool necklace on Laurie LC Lewis blog here.

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Jolynn_Reads said...

Who won your Pay it forward Contest? And where is your story you were going to post June 1st?
Maybe, I'm just looking in the wrong places.