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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A-Page-A-Day Challenge!

Just like the title of my post says, I am committing to one page a day. The challenge runs from today, May 15th through June 15th. I'll update my progress here or on the sidebar, not sure which yet.
Maybe sidebar.
Then I can add the logo and update my daily words or if I wrote a page.
Too tired to think now.

I will update right now, though.
I wrote a page at LUW conference today.
(Not while a presenter was speaking because that would be rude.)

A blurb from Weronika Janczuk, our lovely hostess:

From May 15th to June 15th 2010 forty-some writers will participate in my Page-a-Day challenge. We'll seek to lessen our word count and other goals to a page a day, no more, no less, and we'll strive to make each individual page stronger.

We're using the #padc hashtag.

For a list of blogging participants, check out this page.

Everyone Else
We'll keep track in the comments on this blog post.

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