Friday, May 7, 2010

My Storymakers Update

I'm taking a page from Dashner's book and making a numbered update of my weekend @ LDStorymakers Conference:

1. Seeing friends from last year (Brent and Sallie), making new friends (most of whom are on my blog roll now) and hanging out with A.I.ers (parrtttee!).

2. Talking, eating and laughing with the best-est authors ever. I will not name drop so I won't tell you how I talked to Rachel Anne Anderson and told I kept thinking she was my cousin because their names are similar or how Janette Rallison and I refrained from comparing stretch marks.

3. Learning that I can still learn more. The presentations I attended were amazing. I'll post my personal notes over the next few weeks.

4. I can make a living writing.

5. Sneaking in snacks is a good idea. Luckily, the snack police were busy.

6. I LOVE chocolate truffles.

7. The LDStorymakers committee ROCKS! All of them. Jaime and Crystal did a fantasticwonderfulepic job.

8. My book will get nominated for a Whitney. Someday.

9. Set no expectations-I entered the first chapter contest with the idea I was paying for critiques. That's what I got. Next year, I'll win :)

10. I finally bought my favorite book and didn't get it signed.

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Angie said...

It was a great conference. I had so much fun too. It was good to see you. I love that picture.