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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Reader Vs. Author Vs. Publisher Responsiblities

There was an interesting thread on one of my email lists over the past week. It started with an emailer who reads fantasy books mostly. She picked up a YA to read and was shocked that before page 50 the main character was 'going at it with a guy she just barely met'. She asked for enlightenment on the YA book scene. Is this what readers are to expect now?

The next person wrote about a book that described acts of a pedophile in too much detail and she wished she could cleanse her brain. But even more anguishing for her was that her 16 year-old read it before her.

And here is the big question/statement that created a flurry, nah, blizzard of emails: "I'd love to read a discussion on the responsibility of an author/editor/publisher to protect readers versus protecting an author's right to push the envelope."

Another thought:
"I fully believe a responsible author and publisher SHOULD be very
sensitive if their material is age appropriate. This type of adult
responsibility is completely different from the overused cry of censorship."

What are your thoughts??

1 comment:

Cindy Beck, author said...

Good thoughts. I agree that, as an author, you have to be careful and do what's appropriate for the age group.

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