Contests & Library Money

So many new books coming out this spring and my reading pile is already tall...
But I'll persevere!
Nicole Giles has a new book coming out: Sharp Edge of the Knife. She's doing a blog tour and contest. I'm going to send you to the first stop on her tour, C.L. Beck's blog. You can win books, watches or a date with Nicole's critique group. Go here for more details.

Next, let's talk about money.
And libraries.
I have joined a library-loving blog challenge and would love your help.
All that I need you to do is check back next week when I post my challenge officially.
*wiping sweat from forehead*
I, Taffy, pledge $1 for every commenter the post (coming next week) to the Pleasant Grove Library.
Our library needs money. Here is a link.

Important note:
My pledge is 'per commenter'-so if a single person leaves 50 comments, that still only counts once. But if you really want to leave 50 comments, leave them on Facebook or Twitter or on your blog with a link back to the post.
If you want to make a donation to your libaray, or want to start your own challenge, go for it! Let me know or visit


Nice of you to do that for the Pleasant Grove Library! I hope to check back and leave a comment next week.

And thanks for mentioning the "Sharp Edge of a Knife" contest at my blog.
Anonymous said…
thank you for helping out your library. We need more people like you.

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