Friday, November 27, 2009

I Am A Winner! NaNoWriMo style

List of NaNoWriMo pros and cons:

Finished @ 50363!
Finished before Thanksgiving dinner.
Typed a totally different genre than I have before.
Have another interesting story to work on.
Didn't edit.
Didn't care.

Apparently, the NaNo muse deemed this only Book One.
Have another interesting story to work on.
Didn't edit.

More pros than cons is good!
Have a great week!


Peggy said...

That is so cool, Taffy!! I am very, VERY happy for you. So, what is the genre you wrote? What's your story about? Enough with the vague details! ;)

Taffy said...

After the earth fell off it's axis, the only living things on the planet are humans. Desperate humans. There are many who are willing to help the humans. Like the Bad Ones. They are souls without bodies. And yet, to fight the war, they must have bodies. There are many willing to give their bodies for the cause...and food.
Celia, George and Toby have learned they must stop the Bad Ones with the special gifts they have been given. Will they be able to stop the Bad Ones before they take over the world?

Shauna said...

Can I get in line now for the book signing? I am sure this will be the first of many....Just think. I'll be able to say, I knew her when....

Kimi said...

Awesome job, Taf! You can get back on Facebook now.

Taffy said...

Phew! Thanks Kimi.