Friday, November 20, 2009

Foto Friday

#11 file #20 picture:
Santorini, Greece, perched on top of a volcanic mountain.

Can get there by one of three ways: ride a donkey (better to ride one going UP not DOWN), walk up amongst the donkeys and their droppings or ride a cable car.

Beautiful white and blue buildings and delicious baklava!

(Click on the picture. Hopefully it will open to another window and give you a better view of Santorini)


Rebecca Irvine said...

I would love to go there. Looks so serene.

Cathy Witbeck said...

It's so gorgeous, Taffy. It reminds me a bit of Sorento, Italy.
Gotta love that baklava, eh. Dang, now I'm drooling on my keyboard.

Kimi said...

Let me guess: you walked up in donkey droppings. I knew it.