Monday, August 24, 2009

Observations & Possible Titles

DH and I took trip across the ocean at the beginning of summer.
It was amazing!

I made a few observations while on vacation; some might make good book titles:

Views From A Cruise Ship Deck: Objects Are Bigger Than They Appear
All Rooms Are Not Created Equally
What Is Another Country's Treasure Is Interesting Enough
All Fat People Are Not American
Standing in Line: What not to do when you are hot and ornery
Many Moons in Paris
What's a Car? A Year in VeniceOther Countries Foods Don't Taste Like Chicken
The Seine is really, really long, especially when you have to use the bathroom
Art Should Never Involve Teeth and/or Tongues


Peggy said...

Hahaha! Those titles are awesome! And you're right. That tongue thing shouldn't be called art. It's a little frightening.

Glad you had such an interesting and exciting trip!!

Cathy Witbeck said...

Wow that's quite the painting. One of my fine art's profs and I used to get into major discussions about what is and what isn't art. He said "Good art doesn't go with your couch." He'd probably hang that teeth tongue thing in his entry way. To each his own, eh.

Taffy said...

The scary thing about the teeth art: it is 3D and about 10 ft tall!

Kate said...

10 feet tall! Hey thanks for the feedback. I just saw it in my inbox so I haven't actually read it yet--just wanted to say thanks've won the Lemonade Award. Check out my blog for details.