Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blogs and Contests

Check out these blogs: (They might have a contest!)

Lovein' Lovells

Book Giveaways

Scribbled Scraps

Ali Cross- It's almost her birthday...wish her happy birthday!

Not Entirely British

Queen of the Clan

Six Writers and A Frog

Is everyone have a good summer??


Ali Cross said...

Hey Taffy! Thanks for visiting my blog! AND for the linkback, that's totally cool of you.

I LOVE your blog look! Don't be surprised if it turns up on mine next time you visit, lol ;) Yes, I like it THAT much.

I became a follower too ... I'm looking forward to you getting into this blogging thing. Watch out! It can be addictive!

Taffy said...

Thanks, Ali!