Thursday, April 30, 2009

Writing Tips

For May, I am going to blog the tips and ideas I got from the writers conference I went to in April. I do this two-fold: To help me remember and to give any writers/authors more ideas.
I hope you enjoy!

My first day of the Writers Conference for Boot Camp. I took 10 pages of anything I've written and had a group critique. 

This is Brent, who take a picture of himself before he took a picture of our Boot Camp group. (Ladies!  He Utah's most eligible bachelor!)


This is some of my group:

Yes! Matthew Buckley was our group leader. DS13 LOVES 'Chicken in the Headlights' by Matthew Buckley.

Annette Lyons taught:

Pick a genre so editors know where to shelf your book!
Ask yourself: Who is reading my book? What age?
What genre does your book fall in?

Boy meets girl, boy gets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl. If boy and girl don't get together it's NOT romance :)

Find a new way to make a new world. Brandon Sanderson's books are full of new fantasy down to the language and magic.

Picture Book
Picture books are about 32 pages long.

Middle grade/YA
Kids want to read about other kids that are a few years older than them.


How to book

Rachel Ann Nunes said that the opening paragraph and first page NEED A HOOK to keep the reader interested enough to turn the page.


Matthew Buckley said...
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Matthew Buckley said...

I have found that pictures of me turn out so much better when they are small. I look quite striking when they are only thumbnails. :)

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