Writing update

I will have to write more on the WWI story BECAUSE I do not have enough words! 


Peggy said…
How many words are you at?

And how many books are you in the middle of?
Taffy said…
I have 40,000 words in my WWI book.
I am finishing an LDS YA next month.
I need to edit an African one during the summer.
I have started a princess one.

Phew. That makes me tired! :)
What about you?
Peggy said…
Wow, Taffy! That's pretty darn impressive. Which one was your favorite to write? Any of them ones you are willing to let people read?

I'm 21,000 words into a middle grade fantasy. I can't work on more than one book at a time-- my brain just doesn't work that way. Plus, I'm in a writing group where we turn in a chapter a week. That's about all I can eek out as it is.

Well, except for once about a year ago-- I took a nine day break and wrote a 23,000 word story starring a group of friends. That was fun. And it helped to look at my other story with fresh eyes.
Taffy said…
I wish I could get into a writing group! We need to start one for Northern Utah County.

Is your fantasy book your first fantasy?

I really enjoyed the writing the LDS one so far...
What did you do with your story about your friends?

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