Author In the House

I went to the Provident Ladies Book Night and meet Rachel Nunes!  I didn't read the book picked for book club, Eyes of a Stranger but I did read her Whitney finalist book, Fields of Home
I gave my daughter another of Rachel's books, Daughter of a King which has sold over 70,000 copies!
Rachel told us how she writes a book: FAST!  Her books go through at least 10 revisions/edits before being published.  She filled us in on her next two books...they sound very interesting!  I decided to buy Flying Home and had her sign it.  Rachel is a very nice, funny, down to earth lady!  
Go to the Pleasant Grove Library Book Festival to met Rachel and Tristi among other local authors!

PS Karlene, I 'borrowed' your picture.  Mine didn't work out! Hope that's ok!


Karlene said…
You can swipe pictures any time. I cut you out of the one with the man because you had your eyes closed. :)

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