Writing (not writing) update

I have been writing for a website that sends the articles to other websites.  If the reader clicks on an advertisement, I get a small portion of the $$.  So far my grand total for the month....58 cents! While the monetary rewards are small I feel the writing payoffs are big.  I write one or more articles a day so I have been practicing writing everyday just in a differnt format than novel writing. 

I submitted one of my stories to a contest. I don't expect to win but if I am in a certain percentage that gets picked, an editor will review my story. That is worth sending my story!

I plan on submitting my WWI story in March.  I need to do a bit of revision and plant soem hooks throughout the story.

I plan on submitting my YA LDS story in April. I am killing off one of my darlings so I need revise this story.

I am also submitting my taxes in February. I hope to use a little bit of the return to buy a new laptop!!


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