Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What books are on your bedside table?

I'm trying to read most of the Whitney Award finalists among other books! One of the books I read I was surprised was a finalist.  The character never changed for the better.  And there was no closure for any of the characters. Maybe I read too much into the story...

I cleared off my book shelves a few weeks ago.  So I have a surplus of books I need to give away.  I read them and loved them and determined I would never read them again nor would my children so I am giving them away!
Can you tell what I am planning this summer?  If you come up with the right answer or close to it I will send you a book! The winner will get to choose from a variety of authors so you get a book you don't have/have read yet.



Anne Bradshaw said...

So sorry you didn’t win the contest on my blog this week at Not Entirely British.

Thanks for taking part. Hope you will enter again soon. This week’s prize book is a culinary mystery by Josi Kilpack called “Lemon Tart.” A really great read!

Peggy said...

Since I've been to a yard sale at your house before, that's what comes to mind....

But then again, you said "giving away." Library, maybe?

Are you going to LTUE? Today wasn't great, but tomorrow and Saturday look to be very good.