Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Writing (not writing) update

This year I made a few goals in regards to writing.  I went to the local library, plugged in my laptop and turned on my iPod.  I had decided my goal for January would be to finish tweaking my LDS YA story. I was excited as I had edited a major character and was going to move things around in the story. I hoped it would give my main characters a chance to prove they could change. 
I opened documents and looked at the various drafts of this story.  I could not find the one I had started revising in December.  I was getting really frustrated!  I spent or wasted a good 30 minutes of writing time searching for a document that wasn't there.  

The light finally grew bright as I realized I had the oppurtuntiy to try this story from a different angle.  Yes, it would take more writing time, but the story would be clearer. I took a deep, happy breath and plunged in. I was on my way! I patted my laptop with affection. 
From my last post you can see my writing BFF is sick. I have become so attached to my WBFF I haven't written for a few weeks now.  Luckily, I did save my last draft to my jump drive!!
So now I am practicing short stories and articles until I can figure out how to get data off  WBFF or get her fixed.

Now I am posting short stories/articles around the web.  I've been going through Triond thus far and having fun!  I have been enjoying this type of writing though it is NOT easy. I have put the links on the side of this blog.
This afternoon/evening I am going to sit my rump down at my PC and work on my book. 

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