Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Crash of '09

A few rules about computer usage from the local junior high that we should incorporate into our own personal lives:
  1. Do not move the computer until you have completely shutdown Windows and powered the computer off. (Makes sense)

  2. Do not write or draw on the laptop screen, even with a finger or an eraser. (Again, makes sense. But not to toddlers.)

  3. No game playing unless authorized! (get your writing done first!)

  4. Handle the laptop like a baby. Carry with two hands at all times. (so carrying the laptop under my arm like books is a no-no? I'll do better!)

  5. And lastly! Do not wear a robe while transporting the laptop to another room!

A look at my laptop screen will let you know how important rule#5 is:

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