Tuesday, November 11, 2008

FarWorld by J. Scott Savage

"Take courage-the magic is already inside you"

How many times do we wonder if we have what it takes to move forward, to conquer fears, to do a really hard task? 

Marcus and Kyja are finding out in Mr. Savages book, "FarWorld: Book One" and they must find their own magic. Is the magic strength, brilliant ideas, bravery, compassion or is it really magic? 

Mr. Savages book is a fun, intense, fast-moving fantasy. I had to keep reading because of the twists and turns the story takes. The book is good, clean reading with humor and lessons throughout.

I enjoyed watching Marcus and Kyja grow and learn and come to terms with what they thought were their weaknesses. 

The book is obvious in pointing out black and white, good and bad, scary and safe.  I will admit, the bad guys made me nervous!  How do two thirteen year-old kids stay out of the clutches of evil and save their two worlds?  

We won't know until the NEXT book comes out!  Are you done writing Book Two, Mr. Savage??


J Scott Savage said...

Thanks for the fun review! I am hoping to have book 2 done by Thnaksgiving. Then it's on to editing and all that fun stuff.

Taffy's said...

I just read another review on your book and realized mine wasn't the best. I will work harder at better reviews. When your 2nd book is out I can give it a 'glowing' review.