Abinadi by H.B. Moore

Abinadi by  H.B. Moore

I was in bed reading and 3/4 of the way through
Abinadi when I decided I should go to sleep.  It's probably 11-11:30 PM, I thought to myself.  I put the shut the book and looked at the clock.  
It was 1 AM.  
I couldn't put the book down!  I needed to know what would happen to Abinadi, Raquel, and Alma. 

Heather Moore has taken a small but significant scripture story from the Book of Mormon and enlarged it to a rich scriptural novel.

The story begins with a young Abinadi who has a small crush on a local girl who happens to be the daughter of a high priest in King Noah's court. 
King Noah is an adulterous, greedy whoremonger who bullies his court and people.  He doesn't like being told he is sinning.  He doesn't like being told he and his people must repent.  And when Adinadi starts preaching about sin and repentance, King Noah doesn't like him.

One of King Noah's high priests, Alma, learned the gospel while he was young.  He struggles with what is right and wrong but gives in to the carnal temptations of the court. When Abinadi preaches to King Noah and his priests, Alma knows the prophet is speaking the truth and tries to stop his death.  But King Noah will have both men killed.  Alma must run for his life.

Heather has added a couple of fillers for this lean scripture story.  She filled out Abinadi's life with a mother, wife and baby. Abinadi's wife, Raquel, is the only child of a wealthy couple. Her father is Amulon, high priest to King Noah.  There are also other religious leaders like Gideon, who have wives and families.  Their fictional parts in the book help bring real emotion to the story.

Heather's attention to detail is woven well throughout her book.  Reading about the food, clothing, customs and ceremonies in Abinadi's time brought richness to her story.  The historical details helped move the story along and make it realistic without taking me out of the story.

Abinadi is a book everyone will want to buy for their personal libraries.  A book that can be read again and again.


Thanks for the review, Taffy. I'm grateful that you enjoyed the book!

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