Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What if...


Oh! My teeth feel like they have fur growing on them.  How awful!  And my breath is as strong as a dragon's!  I need to find suitable sticks to scrap my teeth.
What is that nasty frog doing on my bed again?
Did he, did I feel him kiss me? Ugh!
How many times do I need to throw him out the window for him to get the point? 
The moat is out THERE!
I need to get up and catch him...
I can't move very well.  I feel stiff like a gingerbread cookie. 
And I am hungry!
Where is the bell to ring for my lady's in waiting?
Where are my fairies?
What room am I in?
Why am I in the north tower?
What is going on here?
Get a grip, Aurora.
Why is that frog looking at me?  
Were the fairies telling the truth about kissing frogs?
No.  Snow White kissed one and got a wart on her lip.  No she kissed a dwarf.
This frog looks intelligent.  Maybe I...
What am I thinking?

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Heather B. Moore said...

Hey there--you just won the book drawing on my blog. Check it out!