Thursday, September 25, 2008

Book #1

I am not sure how I want to run this blog so I'm just going to write pieces of my first book and see how it looks in print!

I could see them all around me, their faces stunned.
My confession sickened them; it sickened me.
I dropped the rock.
No on would want me now. No sphere was bold enough to draw me into its residence.  
I felt a hand on my arm but when I turned it was no one. Just a breeze glancing against my skin.
I bent down to my pack like a rheumatoid victim, slowly, not allowing my joints to fully bend. I connected the pack around my waist and started off in the direction I hoped was home.
"You are nothing!" The hiss took flight and stabbed me. My steps halted.
"You have and always will be in the shadows."
I raised my eyebrows in surprise.  "That was impressive, Alyson." I said
I twisted my upper body to look at her.  My lower body slowly caught up.
"That sentence sounded literary."
"I, what??"  She glared and I smiled.

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