Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Master the Art! LDStorymakers 2010 Pt 3

Today I'm posting my thoughts and a few notes from Jeff Savage's class, Villainous: Creating Characters We Love To Hate.

We compared heroes and villains. Surprisingly, they had similar traits. They are both an everyday man, have flaws, and own special powers but doesn't have to be super powers.

Motives are what separate the hero from the villain. What happened in the villains life that made them the way they are?

The best villains are like the hero if the hero had taken a different path.

Does your villain care about something that is good? That is a weakness that invests the reader.

Trying looking at the characters from different points of view. Try first person of villain, victim, hero, and minion.

How does it all end? With destruction or redemption?


Peggy said...

I totally got inspiration of something I need to change in my book while reading this post. Thanks, Taffy!

Taffy said...

AH! That's awesome, Peggy!

Kimi said...

I got no inspiration for my book from this post. Oh, that's because I don't write books.

But still, I found it quite interesting and thought about it for a while after I read it.

So thanks for that!

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