Monday, May 17, 2010

Master the Art! LDStorymakers 2010 Pt 2

Notes from Janette Rallison's class: Self-Editing: Making Your Writing Shine (Sparkling Isn't Just For Vampires)
"I can fix a bad page, I can't fix a blank page." Nora Roberts

Tagline Problems:
Use 'said.'
Beware of adverb and adjective especially in taglines. Instead of "he grunted," try "he grunt with disapproval." (Putting emotion in POV will connect more with reader).

Dialogue Problems:
Don't have character tell each other facts they already know. Put it in the plot.
Don't let your characters deliver speeches.
Dialogue isn't real speech: it's better!

Sentence structure problems:
Don't overuse: is, was, were, are, am. Also watch out for: very, really, pretty, a little, just, as, shrugged, rolled eyes, or any of your favorite words or phrases.

Point of View:
First person: "I."
Third person: "She."
Don't head hop. 90% of manuscripts have this problem-be the 10%!
When using one POV, you get more deeply into one person.

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Thanks, Taffy! I was sad I missed this class.