Monday, May 27, 2019

Be Still My (Always) Racing Heart: Common Mistakes in Romance and How to Avoid Them by Jenny Proctor

I've written at least 5 YA books. I had 3 full requests from agents for my psychological thrill. All three agents left the industry within 6 months of asking for my manuscript. LE SIGH.
Recently, I switched genres. I'm trying my hand at contemporary romance now (can you blame me??).
I love writing romance! Because of my love of writing love (sheesh), I choose all romance writing classes at #storymakers19.

One of the classes was by Jenny Proctor!

This is one piece advice I'm going to use every time I start a story:
⇒Before drafting, tell a friend (or your critique group) your story. Pay attention to the questions they ask! Use their insights and questions to fill out your story.

Know your characters!
Ask WHY for everything they do.
Allow them to make mistakes.
Know their conflicts both intelluctual (false impressions and assumptions) and emotional.
Too much 'hotness' doesn't a relationship make! If you use too much 'hotness' you don't have enough character depth.
Why are your characters meant to be together? It's not because of biceps or the perfect nose.

(Jenny suggested a book she loved: The Emotional Craft of Fiction by Donald Maas).

Step away from your MS for 3 weeks!

Jenny has a website!

Monday, May 20, 2019

Writing conferences in Utah

Years and years ago, I wrote an LDS romance. I thought it was pretty good, so I decided I needed to figure out where to send my amazing manuscript to have it published. I read about a writing conference close to where I lived and decided that is where I should start. After all, the conference title had 'LDS' in it.
The conference was smaller back then. We fit in one of the ballrooms at the Marriott hotel in downtown Provo. I'm not sure how many were in attendance, maybe 100? I got to meet so many amazing people! I'm still friends with most of them today.

I soon learned I didn't write the perfect book. That hurt my ego a little bit, which was good. I'm still learning the craft. I'm still learning I can't write the perfect book in one setting.
There are quite a few writing conferences in Utah. My favorite is LDStorymakers. I think this year there were over 800 participants and it runs for three days in May.

Life, the Universe and Everything is a fun conference full of panels of writers, comic strip makers, screenplay writers and lots and lots of science fiction and fantasy. You'll catch sightings of lots of writers, like Brandon Sanderson!

LTUE is usually in February.

WIFYR or Writing for Young Readers is held in June. There is a lot you can choose from in this conference. You can go in the morning, afternoon or evening. All week long, or just to a couple of classes or workshops. I haven't been able to go to this one yet (because of moneys) but every single one of my friends who have gone, have loved it and benefited from it.

Book Academy is held at UVU. A one day conference with a keynote speaker and amazing teachers.

There are also many writing chapters throughout Utah that host their own conferences. Plus, writing retreats.

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