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FINALE! Summer reading challenges complete.

Wow! What a busy summer!  We visited this whole other country and then visited the country.  We welcomed home a daughter who was gone for 18 months (and cried), put up a pool and played.  We got so much rain in the spring that new flowers appeared in the flower beds. The roses are still blooming and smell so good. But the time went too quickly! I'm not ready for the fall! 

I read 27 books in July and August. Some I really liked, others I didn't. I got my TBR pile down a teeny, tiny bit. I have a few more I want to finish this weekend as it's a long weekend:

If My Moon was Your Sun
by Andreas Steinhofel, Nele Palmtag (illustration)

Max lives in a small town, much smaller than yours. His grandpa is losing his memory, but still remembers quite a bit. You can imagine how they hurried, Max and his grandpa, followed by old Miss Schneider, who insisted on coming along. Why were they in a hurry? Because everyone was after them. Max had skipped school to rescue his grandpa, and they …