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How to Embrace Your Inner Hotness: An Inside-out Approach to a Lasting makeover ~ Book Review

Your outward appearance might make the first impression, but sixty seconds later, when that first impression is ancient history, it's your inner beauty that needs to shine! If you want to be truly hot, this book will show you exactly how, including the following: 

• Why you need to stop buying in to a cultural concept of beauty 
• How to transform the way you see and present yourself, inside and out 
• How to discover the secrets to the right look for you 
• Why different isn't bad—it's your key to hotness 
• How to choose happiness now, no matter your current situation 
• How to leave pain in the past 
• How to figure out what you really want 
• How to stop letting other people define your worth, potential, and purpose 
• How to find the right man and have the hottest marriage imaginable! 
• What it means to be "enough" (and it's not what you think!) 

We all experience loss and pain when our lives don't end up looking like we dreamed they would. Professional beauty…

OLD WEST COLLECTION (A Timeless Romance Anthology)

A TIMELESS ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY: OLD WEST COLLECTION: Readers will love this collection of six historical western novellas, all with one thing in common: Romance.

In BREAK A LEG, a charming story by two-time Rita Award winner Carla Kelly, hospital steward Colm Callahan is ready to move away from army life at Fort Laramie. His only regret is leaving behind exotic Ozzie Washington, easily the prettiest woman on the post. As a maid to the lieutenant colonel's wife, Ozzie is no wilting flower when it comes to hard work. When the post surgeon leaves for an extended week, Colm must handle several medical emergencies on his own. He pleads for Ozzie's help at the hospital. While they spend long days and nights working together, Colm, a shy man, realizes he can't hide the truth of his feelings for Ozzie. He needs a little help, though. Enter from stage left, Lysander Locke, Shakespeare tragedian on his way to Deadwood.

THE SOLDIER'S HEART, an enchanting novella by Sarah M. Eden, fol…

Son of War, Daughter of Chaos * Blog Tour and Giveaway! *

I give this book 5 stars for pacing, characters and kissing. Oh. And mythological stories and scarabs. I recommend this excellent, clean, fun, intriguing book. 
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Ms. Rallison has a great storytelling talent and I believe she's at her finest in this story. Don't get me wrong, I have read almost all her books and loved them. This book is just different. In a great way.
Mythology, suspense and romance all find a happy balance. 
Rallison teaches mythology without making the reader feel they are in school. She's able to twist certain aspects into a believable and intriguing story. I kept turning the pages and reading, wondering what will happen next. And while there is a romantic triangle, it works. You'll just have to read the book to find out why. 

Son of War, Daughter of ChaosAislynn is accustomed to watching for the enemy. Her parents instructed her from t…


I think it's worth a writers time to read books on their craft and polish up on skills. Some books and advice don't work for you and that's 100% okay. Others hit you and change the way you write.  This book came at a time when I really needed to figure out how to outline better. You see, I'm a pantser. I can write fast. For NaNo last year, I wrote 44,000 words in a weekend. Basically, I won NaNo in a week.  But the editing and revising are killing me! I'm all over the place. I wanted to try outlining to see if I could clean up my story enough that my critique group wasn't scratching their heads trying to figure out where the story was going and what the inciting incident was and what my characters goals are. Phew. So I thought I'd give this book a try. I can outline and still pants.  I hope it works. I'll try and remember to report on my progress when the book I've outlined (contemporary romance) goes through my critique group.  Until then, what bo…

Busy summer where my muse ran away

Oh, what do you do in the summertime, when all the world is green? What do you do?
Play.  Sleep in. Read. Go to the pool. Be lazy. Read. Set goals to write. Clean the house. Go camping. Get the carpets cleaned. Read some more. Play pickleball. Take walks and pictures of sunsets.

And get no writing done. Sheesh. I can not get my proverbial writing feet under me. I really don't want to open a word document and get to work. So what have I been doing?  I sent a few short stories to my critique group.  I'm working on outlines for two stories. I've sent out FORTY query letters. I had a lot of request to look at my story.  I had a lot of rejections too.  I didn't think the rejections would affect me like they have. I don't want to write anymore. I don't want to edit.  My muse has run away.  She will come back. She has before. She just needs to lick her wounds and beef up her sensitivity then she will come back brimming with excitement and ready to get to work. During …