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Foto Friday ~ Alter your attitude


FALLEN ANGEL by Lisa Swinton Interview and GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to Lisa and her new book baby!

Give us your pitch for FALLEN ANGEL

Antonio falls in love at first sight with rising opera star, Renatta, but most overcome her memory loss, family and fiancée in order to gain her heart and happily ever after.

Do you snack or listen to music while writing?

I  rarely snack at all and even less when I'm writing. I do sometimes listen to music. I don't have anything particular. I just stick Itunes on shuffle. I also write in utter silence.

What is your most memorable high school experience?

That's tough. I could say graduation, prom, homecoming, awards night, summer dates, but really when I think of my high school experience, I think of the 6 great girls I hung out with and made memories with. They were the best part of high school for me.

Is there one book or author who changed your life/viewpoint/writing?

Well, I'm a big Jane Austen fan. I'm not exactly sure when that happened. Sometime after college. I love to read h…

Foto Friday ~ Believe in magic


LDStorymakers 2014! Learn Write Publish

So what's the LDStorymakers 2014 Contest? Here's a brief summary, but you can find out more details on their website. The 2014 LDStormaker writers conference will be in Layton, UT, on April 25-26, with Bootcamp and the Publication Primer on April 24. This is the writing conference you can't afford to miss.

Keynote: Orson Scott Card
Agents/Editor Melissa Frain, editor at Tor Eddie Schneider, VP of JABberwocky Literary Agency Daniel Lazar, senior agent at Writer's House Josh Adams of Adams Literary Laurie McLean, Foreword Literary
Other noteable guests:Brandon Sanderson, Brodi Ashton, Carla Kelly, Janette Rallison, Matthew J. Kirby, Elana Johnson, J. Scott Savage, Sara B. Larson, Kristen Chandler, Renee Collins, Tess Hilmo, Peggy Eddleman, Kimberly Griffiths Little, Natalie Whipple, Julieanne Donaldson, Sarah Eden, Chad Morris, Robison Wells and more

So much awesomeness in one weekend! My writing brain is already overloading!

2013 Whitney Finalists ~ how many have you read?

2013 Finalists Purchase tickets to the Whitney Awards, which will be held on April 26th, 2014, here.GeneralLove Letters of the
Angels of DeathMile 21Road to BountifulRuby’s SecretThe House at Rose CreekJennifer QuistSarah DunsterDonald SmurthwaiteHeather B. MooreJenny Proctor* HistoricalBelonging to HeavenEsther the QueenSafe PassageThe Mounds AnomalyWhere the River Once FlowedGale SearsHeather B. MooreCarla KellyPhyllis GundersonJennie Hansen RomanceBlackmooreHearth FiresLonging for HomeSecond ChancesThe OrchardJulianne DonaldsonDorothy KeddingtonSarah M. EdenMelanie JacobsonKrista Lynne Jensen Mystery/SuspenseRocky RoadDeep CoverI, SpyFinding ShebaSpy for a SpyJosi S. KilpackTraci Hunter AbramsonJordan McCollum*Heather B. MooreJordan McCollum SpeculativeDark MemoriesEcho in TimeHeart of the OceanThe WitnessesWinter QueenJeffrey S. SavageC

Foto Friday ~ You have the brains in your head


Foto Friday ~ Strength of the human will


Star Trek and Conflict

Not too long ago my dad had a quadruple bypass. I took my laptop to write while I waited for him to come out of surgery. Silly me. I talked with his wife (and my very good friend) off and on for six hours. I edited one page.

A few days later, my hubby drove our family to see Grandpa. He was doing remarkably well as he moved from bed to wheelchair, laughing at his tubes and scars. It did this daughter's heart good to see him recovering so well.

On the way to and from the hospital the kids watched Star Trek: Into Darkness. We randomly commented on our favorite scenes or said one-liners ("Are you out of your cornfed mind? "). My daughter hates the scene where Captain Kirk is trying to beat up Khan. Kirk punches Khan over and over again as Khan stands seemingly unfazed and Kirk tires out. I told her it was an important scene to show us Kirk reacting out of emotion. Hubby joined in and pointed out it also showed there was more to Khan than what the admiral told us.

That dis…