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Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge

Holy reading, Batman!

Rory Gilmore from "The Gilmore Girls" was seen reading over 335 books over the course of the filming of the show. Can you believe it? It's a pretty diverse list, from BAMBI to CLOCKWORK ORANGE to OTHELLO.

You can take the Rory Gilmore Challenge and see how many of the 339 you've read.

I've read: 114

Foto Friday ~ Roald Dahl


NaNoWriMo pre-challenge!

NaNoWriMo pre-challenge!

You have roughly 1month, 1 week and 4 days to finish up your novel or memoir or short stories this month so you are ready to get writing for NaNo.
And you have roughly 1 month, 1 week and 4 days to decide what you want to write for NaNo and get a draft or outline written.
I need to finish writing and editing my WWI Historical Romance and possibly get ahead on the new book I have a fourth of the way written.  Then on the last week of October I hope to wrote out a rough draft for the thriller in my head.
I've written three 55, 000 word stories thanks to NaNo. Last year I didn't have time to write like a crazy beheaded chicken. The year before that I decided to try an outline. It was harder for this pantser but I did it. This year I have a new book in my head and I'm not sure if I'll have an outline this time or not.

What are your goals for the rest of the year? 
Are you particiapating in NaNoWriMo this year?
What are your writing?

Banned Book Challenge

I'm always surprised at the books that have been challenged or banned over the years. Then again, I'm NOT surprised at some of the others. No one has to tell me not to read certain because they're naughty or racist or full of evil. I choose for myself. I also choose not to read certain genres or book because of content. I'm not a prude or an introvert. I read 100 books a year. I just choose to read ones that don't get me down or fill my head will scenes I wouldn't want to see on TV or at the movies. Why would I want to read them?

But! I will  protect my children while they are young and innocent. For that reason, there are books that are not in my home and will not be in my home. Even if it's an English assignment. Does this mean I ban books in my home. You betcha. This doesn't mean I'm keeping my children in a bubble or I'm limiting them for when they go out in the real world. This means I am protecting them, and as their parent that is my ri…

Is NaNoWriMo right-o for you?

It's all downhill from here. That time of year that brings dread and butterflies all at once. The season many, many writers anticipate every year.We are sliding right into NaNoWriMo time. 
How many of you have experienced National Novel Writing Month in November? Some of you have finished and "won" and some of come close but are still winners in getting words on paper.
I tried NaNo. It's crazy and fun. I, myself, have finished four stories, thanks to NaNo. I've worked and typed and penned and eked out 55,000 every time. NaNo is a great motivator to writing a new story, it's the editing that drags on me.
But November is soooo hard! November is soooo busy! November is full of family activities, Thanksgiving vacation and planning Christmas. My family wants me to be with them during this month.

This summer I heard about Camp NaNoWriMo, a summer camp for NaNo-ers. When you sign up your get cabin mates who encourage you along and fireside talks to get your backs…

Foto Friday~ Magic


Writers on Wednesday ~ Rebecca H. Jamison

Welcome Rebecca!

Thanks so much for interviewing me!

1. Give us your elevator pitch for EMMA

 Publisher's Weekly calls Emma: A Latter-day Tale "a funny, well-paced Mormon-themed take on Austen's often retold classic." Emma is a life coach with a knack for match-making. She meets a lonely nanny and decides she wants to help her out. But the more Emma tries to help, the worse things get. Through the course of the book Emma has to face her own perfectionism and realize that she needs a coach more than anyone else. She also learns that the best match she can make is the one she makes for herself.

2. What’s your favorite snack?

I like Nature Valley oats and chocolate granola bars. They're chocolate, but they're healthy. I also like chocolate Cheerios and mint chocolate Luna bars.

3. What is your most memorable high school experience?

During my senior year, I went to Russia and the Ukraine with some students from my government class. It was 1988, right before the fal…

Foto Friday~ Excellence


Writers on Wednesdays ~ THE EXPERIMENT blog tour

Welcome Cindy, Sherry and Jeffrey!

Please introduce yourselves:
Cindy C Bennett: I’m a YA author of several full length novels and some short stories as well. I live in Utah, where I’ve lived my whole life and which I love. I have 6 kids (2 of them are daughters-in-law) and 3 dogs, which is a lot for someone who isn’t a dog person. I really love writing, and when I’m not writing I like to hang with the fam, ride the Harley, or train my dragon. (Wait, scratch that, I don’t have a dragon . . . yet.)
Jeffery Moore: I write stories that are more speculative fiction, having a heavy slant of low fantasy combined with science fiction. Born in Germany, from Ohio, and live in Massachusetts—yup, I’m an Army brat. I have a passion for writing that borders obsession. If I didn’t have such a great job, I’d probably try writing for a living. My weekends are consumed with family, food, and relaxing (except for the yard work and gardening).
Sherry Gammon: I’m a YA writer itching to try my…

SKY JUMPERS by Peggy Eddleman Review and GIVEAWAY! US only

What happens when you can't do the one thing that matters most? Twelve-year-old Hope Toriella lives in White Rock, a town of inventors struggling to recover from the green bombs of World War III. But Hope is terrible at inventing and would much rather sneak off to cliff dive into the Bomb's Breath—the deadly band of compressed air that covers the crater left by the bombs—than fail at yet another invention. 
When bandits discover that White Rock has priceless antibiotics, they invade. With a two-day deadline to finish making this year's batch and no ingredients to make more, the town is left to choose whether to hand over the medicine and die from the disease that's run rampant since the bombs, or die fighting the bandits now. Help lies in a neighboring town, but the bandits count everyone fourteen and older each hour. 
Hope and her friends—Aaron and Brock—might be the only ones who can escape to make the dangerous trek through the Bomb's Breath and over…

Critque of my first page from IT'S NOT ME

Angela Eschler is funny and cute and smart. She's also an editor. You can visit her bloghere. She has a team of great editors if you need there services. 
Julie Bellon did a First Page on Friday and I sent her my first page. Then I made sure to armor up because critiques sometimes hurt BUT they are always educational and worthwhile. Angela edited my page twice. You can go here and read the comments.

Here is the final product of said edit (let me know what you think too!):

--> I hide the scissors and the red shoebox on the top shelf in my closet. The obituaries can wait. I glance out my dirty bedroom window and wonder at the promises the sky hold for me today. If my days were normal, I might hang out at the pool, pretending not to watch the lifeguards or sit under the shade of trees and daydream. I might also gossip with friends late into the night about everything and nothing. But I left normal behind ages ago--in quiet cemeteries. A girl not remembering the deaths of so …

Writers on Wednesday ~ Megan Whalen Turner interview!

Welcome Megan today! I want to be her when my author shelf grows up. If you haven't read her THIEF series, now is a good time.

 Now for Megan's interview:

What was the first book that turned you into a reader?

Probably it was the Narnia books by CS Lewis.  I remember foisting them on my third grade teacher and I knew I'd read them many times over by then.

What's your favorite snack?

Er?  How could I pick just one?  Hmmmm, probably Vinegar Potato Chips, although I am sure I should say something healthy like "Carrots!  I love carrots!"

What is your most memorable high school experience?

Passing notes to a friend between classes.  We wrote whole epistolary novels together on pieces of paper torn from our notebooks.

What do you never leave home without?

I can leave anything at home. My keys, my wallet, my cell phone.  I have not ever actually left my head behind, but only because it is securely attached to the rest of me.

Do you have any pets?

No, though I occasional…

A few of my favorite things... A Tale of Two Cities

I so enjoyed looking up JANE EYRE covers that I decided to look up A TALE OF TWO CITIES too. Another one of my favorite books.

I have to confess: I have not reread this book. And yet, the writing had a profound effect on me. The way Charles Dickens wrote was so descriptive and visual, I could "see" the scenery and characters with a vivid reading eye.

 His writing might not be published now, though. It's long and flowing and long. And amazing writing.

What have you read from Charles Dickens? What did you think of his writing?