Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I could spend all day updating my blog!  
Time spent well and wasted.
Looking at all the backgrounds and widgets and specials I can add! 
And Murphy's Law takes it hold: I have to look through everything before I go back to the first one I looked at and liked the best!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What if...


Oh! My teeth feel like they have fur growing on them.  How awful!  And my breath is as strong as a dragon's!  I need to find suitable sticks to scrap my teeth.
What is that nasty frog doing on my bed again?
Did he, did I feel him kiss me? Ugh!
How many times do I need to throw him out the window for him to get the point? 
The moat is out THERE!
I need to get up and catch him...
I can't move very well.  I feel stiff like a gingerbread cookie. 
And I am hungry!
Where is the bell to ring for my lady's in waiting?
Where are my fairies?
What room am I in?
Why am I in the north tower?
What is going on here?
Get a grip, Aurora.
Why is that frog looking at me?  
Were the fairies telling the truth about kissing frogs?
No.  Snow White kissed one and got a wart on her lip.  No she kissed a dwarf.
This frog looks intelligent.  Maybe I...
What am I thinking?

Monday, October 13, 2008

What if...

What if I asked you to finish a paragraph from 'what if'?

Try it!  You will be surprised at the story that will come out of your head.

Here we go...

"What if your character was Sleeping Beauty but it wasn't Prince Charming who woke her up?"

Monday, October 6, 2008


I love to write.  It may not be good or change the world but I get such a lift from writing!  When I turn off my computer for the day I feel recharged.  The mommy juice is full again!  My family should be grateful I take time to write.  Alas, it also means many things fall by the wayside like a clean house.  But who cares when mommy is happy!
I have a hard time on Mondays though.  The kids and I have decided we will not play computers, XBox or Ninetendo DS on Mondays.  (They are at school right now and Zach is watching cartoons so don't tell them what I am doing right now...on Monday!)  
I have been editing my first book and finding problems or places that need some meat on the bones.  I've been writing down blurbs in my notebook that need fixed. On Sundays and Mondays I just write in my notebook and try and 'feed' my story.  And the time away gives me a break from the story itself which can be very good.
I've noticed with this story I get more in depth writing down when I sit down and have pen met paper.  
I guess I'd better mind myself and get off the computer.  I'm looking forward to writing today instead of typing! I'm getting butterflies thinking about it! :)

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