Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Wednesday Writing with 2 Felines ~ Writing Prompt

Hiding from the humans
Our cats are not always on their best behavior. Fat Cat likes to bite toes, especially bare toes. In the summer he will wait under the deck stairs and grab onto ankles and bite toes. Last winter we had the lid off the toilet trying to figure out if it was broken or frozen. I balanced the lid on top but not fully on. From the other room we heard a loud crash then two frightened cats raced through and up the stairs. Apparently, one of them thought it was a good idea to get on top of the lid to drink out of the toilet tank and unbalanced the lid. Crash. The lid broke into five pieces.

Have you ever read a book told from the bad guy's point of view? Have you ever tried to write one? I think novellas are perfect differing POVs. Maybe you'll want to write one based on your villain.
Here's the writing prompt today:

Rewrite a fairy tale from the bad guy’s point of view.

What would the story be like from Ursulla's point of view? Or President Snow's?

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