Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday Writing with 2 Felines ~ Just keep going

How's your writing coming along? Are you meeting your writing and editing goals? 
Don't give up!
Even though you think your writing sucks and your characters are flat, you are the only human who can write the story that is in your head. You are the only person who can get those characters onto paper in the story they are suppose to be in.
Don't let their stories die in the trash or on a dusty jump drive. Write the story. And if no one is suppose to read it, at least it will be there, waiting for your children or their children. Someone will read your story and love it as much as you.

Just remember...




Type in this link for proof:

And if that doesn't help, here's a picture of a furry cat to give you a smile and help you forget your woes for a few moments.

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