Wednesday, January 7, 2015

How cats have nothing to do with your writers block

Working the bow
They really don't care about your writing, you know. Cats don't. They don't care about anything except the sunbeam on the carpet they can curl up in or the soft food you feed them or the tickle under the chin.

We have two outdoor cats but occasionally they sneak in (read: the kids let them in). We have them mainly for the mice that love the empty fields around our house. Our cats are excellent mousers and have earned their keep. They usually don't distract me from writing except when one is inside and wants attention. That's when they get put back outside. I do have to admit that pets in general are calming and give a sense of belonging.

I've noticed a number of authors have cats. Their felines show up on Instragram and FB more than the humans. That is distracting. Not the cats. The social media. It's easy to get sucked in. So in an effort to help my fellow writers, I will post something to do with writing every Wednesday. It might be a tip or a writing prompt or an inspirational quote. All accompanied by a picture of cat. Just in case.

And I shall call this day:
What do cats have to do with it?
No. Um.
Writerly Wednesday with Cats.
Get your writing on.
Any ideas?

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