Monday, May 26, 2014

Armchair BEA and my intro

Since we can't go to NY together to experience Book Expo America, let's join in the fun from our armchairs!

Thanks to all the sponsors. Seriously, you should click HERE and see all the goods up for grabs.

Welcome to my blog, Taffy's (that's me) Writings (all things writerly).  I've been blogging for about five years. I mostly started this blog to record my writing journey and to put up my reviews.

I love to read. I mostly read young adult but I've read many genres just this year. My favorite book? How can a reader choose one? I'm looking forward to the next book in The Grisha Series by Leigh Bardugo though. I think I read more YA because there is always hope. Hope in life, hope in love and that first flush of excitement when That One boy calls.

I'm also a writer.
I don't have anything published yet but there's always hope. My manuscript is out at a couple of agents. It's a story about a seventeen-year old girl who can't remember how any of her friends died, even though she was there for each of them. I mostly write young adult.

Over on my sidebar I have links to most of the social media that's important. Let's be friends! I'm excited to meet you!

Here is a picture of my armchair:

What is your favorite book so far this year?


Annette said...

Hello! So happy to meet you through BEA! This is the first year for me to be apart of Armchair BEA. I began blogging in January 2007, writing book reviews.

Tanya @ Moms Small Victories said...

What a comfy armchair that looks like! Good luck with getting your manuscript published!

My favorite books from this year were The Fault in Our Stars and Me Before You, both tear your heart out in amazingly good ways.

Here's my Getting to Know Me Post. I hope you will stop by and linkup 3 of your favorite posts with our Small Victories Sunday linkup while you are there!

Donna Hosie said...

My book is featured at the BEA this year, and I'm stuck in Australia :((

And I can't wait for the final GRISHNA book. Nickolai is so swoon-worthy!

Ayanami Faerudo said...

The Help is my favorite so far this year. And good luck on your manuscript.

Ashley Montgomery said...

Welcome to Armchair BEA! Great reading spot, beautiful view!

Taffy said...

Nice to meet you, Annette! And thanks for popping by.

Taffy said...

My daughter is reading The Fault in Our Stars right now, Tanya. I hope to steal it from her soon!

Taffy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Donna. Maybe next BEA you and your book will be together! :)

Taffy said...

Thanks for stopping by, Donna. Maybe next BEA you and your book will be together! :)

Taffy said...

The Help was excellent, Ayanami! If only I could write as well.

Taffy said...

Thanks, Ashley!

fredamans said...

I really like your armchair, it looks like a great spot!
Great meeting you!