Monday, January 28, 2013

Very cool site for writers who need to research past disasters

This site popped up on Pinterest the other day: GenDisasters
Here is the heading paragraph:
Were your ancestors in a tornado?  Was grandpa killed working on the railroad?  Did your grandmother talk about the great flood?  Then, GenDisasters is for you.  While we hope that your ancestors never endured the hardships and sufferings from fires, explosions, floods, mine accidents and other disasters, we're here to help you find the ancestors that did.  From fires to floods, train wrecks to tornadoes, we're chronicling every wreck, every accident, every drowning, every storm - every event that touched our ancestors lives.

You can check by state or year or disaster. It's very cool!
(How many times can a blogger write disaster in a post about disaster? It's a disaster!)

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Anthony Dutson said...

Oh my heck! That site is AwEsOmE! Thanks for the find.