Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Power of Three~ Character Building

One of the hardest things to write is good characters, all of them. How many times have you read a book and only one or two or three characters have any life to them? The rest are just...there?
Do you have trouble filling out your characters?
Have you tried the Power of Three for your characters?

Try these ideas on ALL your characters:

Three wishes
Three fears
Three flaws
Three heroic qualities

Here are ones I did for my MC, Angelica:

Three wishes:
To be a normal girl
For her dad to not have to work so much
Get her sister out of an abusive relationship

Three fears:
She really is a serial killer
She will lose her family
She is a monster

Three flaws:
Set herself up to be unlovable so no one else dies
Chooses to be a wallflower

Three heroic qualities:

Now your turn.
Choose one category and share with us in comments! 

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Anonymous said...

I like this-- a simplified yet great way to fill in character gaps. I may try this today!