Where's Your Novel?

A message from my youngest to you!
'The long-lived books of tomorrow are concealed somewhere amongst the so-far unpublished MS's of today.'  ~Philip Unwin

Where is your novel today? 
Page one?
Halfway through?
Waiting for the ending?

Somewhere, concealed inside you, the writer, is an amazing story. For me, for us, sit down and write today. Then again tomorrow and every day until you type two words: THE END

We, the readers, thank you.

I'm going through the second revision of NOT ME, my psychological thriller. Um, with no ending. Why? Because I'm not sure I want to know the truth of Angelica, my main character. But the story is flowing. I'll get there.

 So, where are you in your writing? Let us know. Check in with us!


Lauren said…
If no one ever starts writing no one will ever finish.

Anthony Dutson said…
I just got myself into a nice and sticky corner on Blood of Mars rewrites. Gotta step back and take a look at the big picture so I can see where its suppose to go next.
I'm going on revision 80,000. Maybe you could read it for me one of these days? Happy Labor Day! Stop working your butt off Taffy :)
Dreamer said…
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Dreamer said…
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Dreamer said…
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Taffy said…
You are do right, Lauren! THANKS!
Taffy said…
Tracy Hickman said if you're in a corner and you don't know what to do, the characters are trying to tell you something. They don't like the path you've put them on.
Good luck, Tony!
Taffy said…
I'm happy to read for you, Jessie!
Angie said…
Keep going! My novel is just finished! Or not even started, if we're talking about the NEXT book.
Taffy said…
You're amazing, Angie! With all your book launches you are still getting your writing done!
Diana said…
M novel is about a quarter of the way finished. Now I'm trying to figure out what my MC needs to overcome. Too many ideas bouncing in my head. It's driving me nuts! Whoo, writers rant, my bad. ;)
Taffy said…
Good luck on figuring out the obstacles, Diana! Writer's rants are welcomed here. lol

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