Monday, May 28, 2012

Critiquing someone elses work

After a writer's conference, many writers engage in a critique group. It's the best idea!
You soon realize you become an editor for someone. It can be intimidating. Not to mention, having your own work critiqued.
Here are some ideas to help you as you become the best editor you can:

*This is not your book. It is not your job to tell them how to write their story. It's your job to help them write the book they want to write.

*You're not helping by being too nice. Of course, every writer wants to hear how awesome they are. Your job is help them make their story better. Unless all they really want to have the reassurance they should carry on. Then you can tell them how awesome they are and should keep writing.

*You're not helping by being mean either. Remember, we writers have fragile egos. Be gentle. Be kind. Make suggestions that are helpful.

*Be positive. Critique as you would want to be critiqued.

Do you belong to a critique group? Do you have helpful tips or ideas?? Please share!


Lauren said...

I do belong to a critique group. We meet only once a month, although I wish it was more.

Therapy is OK, just don't let it side-track the writing. :)

Start and end with positive comments

If there's so much negative that you can't find anything positive, look in the mirror for the problem.

Julie Daines said...

Taffy is a great critiqer and I'm lucky to be in her group.

I think it's wise to let the critique settle in for a day or two before accepting or dismissing the comments. It's easier to be objective about the criticisms when the sting has had time to lessen.

Anonymous said...

Good advice ! Maribeth