Monday, April 16, 2012

5 Common Types of Smiles

1. The Tight-Lipped Smile
Lips stretched tight across the face, forms a straight line and teeth are concealed. Does the smiler have a secret? Or maybe withholding an opinion? Women takes this as a clear rejection signal.

 2. The Twisted Smile
Known in the Western world as sarcasm.

3. The Drop-Jaw Smile
The jaw is dropped down to give the impression of laughing or being playful.

4. Sideways-Looking-Up Smile
The head is turned down and away while looking up with a tight-lipped smile. The smiler looks juvenile, playful and secretive. The Coy Smile!
This smile makes med want to protect the woman.

5. Natural Smile
A natural smile produces characteristic wrinkles around the eyes-insincere people smile only with their mouth.

How do your characters smile??


Julie Daines said...

I have this aunt who is always smiling--the genuine smile. She has tons of wrinkles around her eyes, but they speak volumes about the kind, fun, and happy person she is. They are wrinkles of a lifetime of joy.

That's always been my standard of beautiful aging. I hope my wrinkles are happy ones, not the grumpy kind.

Taffy said...

My hubby always knows my 'real' smile because it creates wrinkles around my eyes. I take that as a compliment.
I think you have happy wrinkles, Julie! You're a happy person who smiles and laughs easily.

Jessica L. Foster said...

Oh great post! I never thought about the different smiles. Did anyone else smile each smile with the descriptions?

Taffy said...

That's funny, Jessica! I didn't try all the smiles until you said

Yamile said...

I was trying on each smile as I read! And I do love to smile, although I'm worried that my wrinkles are more due to worrying about stupid things than because I smile so much.
Great post!

Taffy said...

You have a beautiful smile, Yamille. Your wrinkles are happy ones, like Julie's.

Nelson Donley said...

The Jimmy Carter Smile; i.e., with all teeth.