Thursday, February 16, 2012

Show some love! James Dashner

I met Dashner, James Dashner at a writing conference in Midway. We had a fun group that weekend with Nicole Giles, Eric Swedin, Heather Moore and a few others that escape my memory. I believe Heather had an ARC of Maze runner that night and I was dying to get my hands on it. (I almost stooped to stealing but I'm proud to say I didn't.)

Our group had a great time that weekend talking and laughing. James told me about his goal to quit his accounting job (can you imagine him working numbers all day?). He had a specific day he would become a full time author. He worked hard on his writing and accomplished his goal. I totally admire his tenacity and talent. We can all learn from him.

He has such an easy, happy way with people. He can put anyone at ease. And he's funny! Be prepared not to be drinking anything while he's talking.
Oh. And just a heads up, he loves horseradish and will steal all of it if given the chance.

Hop over to The Dashner Dude's blog and say hi!


Katie Dodge said...

I always love going to his panels/classes because I know I'll be entertained. Love his sense of humor.

Melanie Fowler said...

Taffy! So whenever James Dashner would walk by, we would whisper his name to each other in a British accent. It was pretty fun. He did awesome on his panels.

Alice said...

Jame's is awesome. Always friendly and funny. His goal to be a full time writer is an inspiring story.

i'm erin. said...

He is pretty dang funny. I'm glad you spotlighted him. I'll have to pop on over to his blog!

Julie Daines said...

He is another awesome and kind author. I can't believe all these great and famous writers who are willing to give their time to teach us newbies at the conferences.

Someone should tell James Dashner that too much horseradish can be toxic. :)