Monday, August 8, 2011

Writers are like cats

Maybe it's just me.
I like to be snuggled and handed my food and nap in the sun.

We can be more like cats:

Ideas come as we sit still and observe the world. I love to watch people in airports. Schools are fun too. And parks. And Wal-Mart. Who am I kidding? My own house is fodder for stories! Has a story ever come to you from people watching?

Sometimes the way to break writers block is to go beyond our limits. Write something different we didn't plan on. Try paper instead of typing on the computer. Wake early or stay up late to find our muse.
Sometimes a nap works too.

Getting Stuck.
Writers get stuck. Sometimes we are the causing of getting stuck. Sometimes the characters are blocking us, telling us where they want the story to go and we aren't listening. What to do??

Let go.
Put the story on a shelf or in a drawer or in the pantry. Now go and play. Have fun. Go to the office supply store and buy a fun, new writing item to your stash. Watch kids play. They know how to have fun. Give yourself permission to let go for a while.

Buddy up.
Writing can be a lonely job. Writers need friends to give pats on the back, read the manuscript for the AGAIN or bring chocolate.
Going out for lunch is good for the creative soul too.

Hubby just asked if I'm having a hard time coming up with material to blog.
"No, why?" I asked
"You're posting about writers being like cats."
"It's funny."
"No, funny is herding people at a writers conference is like herding cats."

What other similarities do you believe writers and cats have in common?


Angie said...

Aw, cute pictures. I need to take more lessons from my kitties. Your hubby is funny. =)

Peggy Eddleman said...

LOVE it! And yes-- tell your husband it's totally hilarious!

Julie Daines said...

Nice analogy. I'm not usually a cat fan but yours are pretty darn cute! Please don't hate me.