A Youngster's Story

"I went outside and wrote this all by myself, Mom."

"I see little plants like I'm in a tiny jungl. I see houses like honted manchins.
I see clouds like pilows in the deep Blue seas. I see the sun like a huge Firework.
I see roks like little ants.
I see cats and dog like tigers. I see spoons like miny shovles. I see tails like lots of snaks. I see cars like Big Bugs on the road. I see Birds like huge dragons in the air. I see trees like gaint peaple. I see whales like Big plans in the water. I see spiks like on a Dinsor.
I see Balls like meters Falling From the sky.
the end

(Copied straight from the little, green paper handed to me Sunday afternoon).


Kimi said…
I loved that! What imaginative, descriptive writing! Awesome, Zach--keep on writing.
Angie said…
That's terrific. A little writer in the making. I love kids' creativity.
Holly Ann said…
That's fabulous!
Peggy Eddleman said…
Awww! That was awesome!

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