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I just found this article by Mandy Hubbard on the latest trends in publishing. Read it!

Here are a few things that got me excited because I'm writing/editing this genre right now:

MANY editors would love a thriller/suspense/horror. Most said more of the psychological kind, not the slasher/guy-with-a-chainsaw kind, but there was room for both, really. If you've written something seriously, insanely scary, you're in luck. 

We heard all week long: Editors are hedging bets that sci-fi may be the next big wave/trend. Partly this is because we just haven’t seen a lot of it lately and it feels more fresh/stand-out, and partly because dystopian sometimes naturally evolves into the sci-fi  realm, so in many ways, readers are being prepped to move in this direction. 
Another thing I heard all day, every day? Realistic/Contemporary YA is a tough sell, but almost every editor really, really wants it to rally and come back in a huge way. 

Characters of other races, religions, etc, are high on the priority list, as most eds want to see more diversity. One thing, though, is that in many cases they want a book about a character who happens to be black, or jewish, or in a wheel chair, not a book about a character’s identity as it relates to those specific things.


I loved Mandy's post too...and was equally excited!
Angie said…
Cool. I'm definitely voting for sci-fi as the next big wave. And seriously, I hope my novel will appeal to more than just LDS readers. I think it could.
Carolyn Arnold said…
Very good news, as I write thrillers/mysteries and suspense. thank you for sharing this!
Taffy said…
Exciting, isn't it? Yippee! On to editing...
oooo, I just finished my psychological thriller that is soft Sci-Fi, if only I could edit it fast enough to catch the wave :)
Elliot Grace said…
...interesting post. I'm a reader who can only dive into sci-fi when REALLY in the mood, otherwise, depending on the storyline, I struggle to digest it.

As for thrillers...sign me up:)

Mandy's post is great. She did one last year too.

From the looks of things, I'm glad I'm not writing YA paranormal or dystopian. :D

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