Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First Chapter Contest Winners

At LDStorymakers they held a first chapter contest. Here are the winners (congrats to all!!):
Grand Prize #8 Malach by Cory Webb

Special Recognition Award #29 S.U.P.E.R. by Kimberly VanderHorst

Adult General
1st: #4 A Starlit Road by Curtis Moser
2nd: #26 Going, Going, Gone by Kim Karras
3rd: #119 Three Promises to the Dying Lady by Sharee Campbell

Adult Speculative
1st: #56 Last Dispensation Space by Randy Lindsay
2nd: #138 Dark Mist by Mark Greer
3rd: #7 Banished by Lisa Swinton
3rd: #18 Windows by Debra Erfert
3rd: #89 Uriel by Devon Dorrity

1st: #24 The Seventh City by Renae Mackley
2nd: #32 Heartstrings and Towerstones by Scott Lockwood

1st: #113 Facade by Jordan McCollum
2nd: #110 conspiracy by Nicole Trionfo
3rd: #128 Running Scared by Kristine Parkin

1st: #54 The Utah Gold Rush by Darvell Hunt
2nd: #141 Surviving the Detour of Divorce by Sheri Johnson

1st: #144 Brenna by Lisa Turner
2nd: #11 Hunky and the Beast by Amy Dahlke
3rd: #10 Fallen Angel by Lisa Swinton

YA General
1st: #40 Southern Cross by Yamile Mendez
2nd: #84 A Blind Eye by Julie Daines
2nd: #20 She Came From the Hill by Janice Sperry
3rd: #134 Red Dirt Road by Shari Bird
4th: #62 Landslide by Cory Webb

YA Speculative
1st: #75 New Sight by Jo Ann Schneider
2nd: #34 Independence Day by Christine Bryant
3rd: #93 Colorless by Wendy Swore
4th: #14 Second Death by Lana Jordan


Michelle said...

Hi, thanks for the head's up! I'm an LDS writer--will check out the community. :-)

ali said...

How nice of you to post the list! And nice to meet you Taffy!

Lillian J. Banks said...

Taffy, I had no idea they did a chapter contest. How cool is that!

Julie Daines said...

Wait, oh my gosh, is that my name I see? ;) Next year, we're making room for you on that list!

Taffy said...

This chapter contest is a great contest because everyone is a winner. Everyone who submits gets at least five judges critiques of their work. I think that is worth the entry fee!

Congrats again, Julie! Next year I'll be there with you :)