Saturday, April 2, 2011

What? A Saturday Post?

I know! I usually don't post on Saturday. I thought with so many friends sending out query letters, and a few recieving rejections, this was a great post on expectations:

Plan B: What's To Be Expected After Getting Rejected 
From Flaubert's Pyramid

A couple of quotes I thought were noteworthy:

" is always good to look at rejection letters with a fair bit of suspicion.  Because they are incapable of telling the whole story, and the part they tell isn't always completely accurate, trying to discern your next course of action from them is often a fool's errand. "

"If an editor/agent takes the time to write you a long rejection letter (more than two or three paragraphs with several long sentences each) and lets you know specifically what the dealbreakers were for them, take those criticisms to heart.  You may not realize it, because you were preoccupied with all the nasty and dismissive things they were saying about the work of art you painstakingly created, but that agent/editor just did you a huge favor."

"If you have a box full of form rejections, or you get no response at all (after a matter of weeks or months) then I would seriously consider revising your query letter. "

"Email submissions, give it two weeks (three if you're patient) if you don't hear back then move on.  If you receive no response to an unsolicited submission, don't bother to follow up."

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Carolyn Arnold said...

Good quotes to keep in mind Taffy.
And BTW, I have something for you on my blog...