Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Depth of Deceit by Betty Briggs TOUR & GIVEAWAY!

Here is the backliner information for the book: 

Blonde and beautiful, fledgling attorney Stephanie Saunders vows to protect the innocent even though as indigent defense attorney her clients rarely are.  Does that include Josh Durrant who seems to be following her? Stephanie is dismayed when her peers begin calling her “Prom Queen” as her boyfriend, Todd Saxton, often does. Desperately trying to prove her worth, she falls prey to those who steal her innocence.  Although she plans to forgive Todd for his ultimate betrayal, she is never given the chance. Her boss, Attorney Charles Connelly, offers solace, but is Stephanie’s welfare, or his own, top priority? The only thing that keeps Stephanie sane in her insane world are the horses she loves but does not own, especially the abused mare, Riskie Business, whose example helps Stephanie make the most difficult decision of her life. Relying on wit and courage, Stephanie must save herself and another during the final showdown where she proves a loyalty of which she never knew herself capable.

2010 Winner of the Silver Quill for second place in the Fiction category for the League of Utah Writers Publication Awards.

 Interesting story of deceit, lies and unusual pregnancies. Stephanie wants to establish herself as a credible DA. While she works for and helps the dregs of society she becomes mysteriously pregnant. When she finds out how, she wants nothing to do with the baby. To help soothe herself and calm her life, she works with horses. By caring for them she cares for herself.
Stephanie finds herself falling in love with someone she shouldn't. And all the while, she's in the middle of a whirlwind of illegal activity.
Griping story. One that will have you turning the pages, wanting more.

Rating: Adult (because of adult material but not racy)
L: None
V: None
S: None
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Page 69 test:
"Chapter 6
By the time Stephanie arrived at her condo, it was nearly noon. She'd wasted practically the entire morning. she had encountered Jessica Dawson--what an experience that had been--and she'd met Josh Durrant, another curious individual. Stephanie would have to start working on his case as soon as she got her head together. Well...probably sooner than that. it was going to take more time than Josh had before his trial for her to accomplish that task.
She guessed the judge would soon disqualify himself form Josh's case because of the obvious conflict of interest. She wondered why he hadn't done so immediately, but decided he had wanted to stay at least long enough to make sure she was assigned as Josh's counsel. Th judge was counting on her inexperience to help him ensure that Josh got what he deserved, She'd just have to show the arrogant old grouch. Pondering why a judge's daughter had become involved with someone who couldn't afford to pay his own legal expenses, she'd decided that parents seldom have control over their children's choices.
Strange how she could almost forget her own problems when she started thinking about the law. She guessed she really did enjoy competing in the cat and mouse games attorneys played for their clients. How would having a baby affect that?

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