Saturday, March 19, 2011

StarScout Rising: First Trail by Gary Darby BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY!

From the last frontier, Space. A must-have, out of this world adventure! Star Scout Rising, First Trail by Gary Darby is a thoughtful, awe-inspiring, and spine-tingling Sci-Fi mystery that follows a young man named Del Baldura during his quest for knowledge, truth, and discovery in the distant future of human and alien kind. This story has it all superb background, surprises, mystery, love, futuristic technological possibilities, bizarre life forms, and a hero trying to make sense of his duty and loyalty, his current leadership responsibilities, and his search for truth about part of his and his family's history. Volume One of a three volume set, Darby hits a grand-slam with this first novel. Smart and thought provoking. Volume Two due out in 2011.

Hold on for a ride in this first book of a series by Gary Darby. Twists and turns and action throughout the book for Del and others. The one draw back for me, the non-number person, was the chapter dates like: Star Date 2433.056. So you can see some serious science fiction thought put into this book. 
Another note: my younger son thought the cover was "very freaky!"

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Kulsuma said...

Count me in please if this is international. My favourite sci fi movie is x men.

Lillian J. Banks said...

I can't help but love Star Wars. I was raised on it :)

Gary Darby said...

Taffy, many thanks for taking time to read and review my first novel, your very kind words of encouragement are much appreciated. Your review, among others, will definitely help me be a better author - so again, many thanks.

P.S. Please tell your young son that I promise that the cover on my next novel will NOT be "freaky."


Gary Darby