Monday, March 7, 2011

How Do You Enjoy the Journey? 5 Ideas

This month my focus has been on tightening two of my stories and finished another. This past week I've wondered if I bit off more than I can chew/swallow/digest. At least once a week I'm ready to give up because I'm SURE I stink as a writer.
I found on those days the best posts come to my email or pop up on my sidebar and they are written just for me.

Do you have days like this? What do you do?
(I just ate a piece of dark chocolate. I should feel better shortly...)
Here are some tips and ideas I gleaned this week:

1. Enjoy the Journey.
My motto for the year is: Enjoy the Journey! I have a problem with starting a project and wanting to see the end of it. I start a scrapbook page, I want to see the album done. I start a story, I want to see it published. I have to relax and enjoy the journey everyday.
The other day a friend asked if I would coach her basketball team. She had to leave town unexpectedly and needed a sub. Of course I said yes. My daughter is on the team and the coach is a friend. I was sucked right in :)
Then I stressed. I'm not an athlete and I was worried about helping the girls. The team is non-competitive and full newbie players so I couldn't ruin anything. All I needed to do was rotate them so every on had a chance to play.
I arrived at the gym and friends teased me about subbing. I rolled my eyes and feigned nonchalance.
Guess what happened for all my worry and stress? Only two girls from the other team showed up. Yup! They forfeited. So my team played a practice game and had a great time.
I just needed to relax and enjoy the enthusiasm of girls squealing and double dribbling and having fun.

2. You can do hard things.
This is something we are not teaching our youth. And mostly it is by example. We can do hard things! You will be surprised at the HUGE obstacle that blocks you isn't as ginormous as you thought as you step up and face it. Stop playing the "what if" game. Change your thinking to "how". As you step up, you will be stronger!

3. Find the positive.
Problems and trials make us better by giving insights and possible lessons for us to learn. It doesn't feel like it at the time but as we emerge from the smoke, we are better people. Asking, "what can I learn from this?" will help build us up and strengthen us for the next trial or problem.

4. Focus on today.
Slow down, you crazy child...
Make one writing goal for the day. What is it? Edit ten pages? Write eight? Focus on one day at a time and you'll be surprised with the results. If you move too fast you may make stupid mistakes which puts you farther behind.

5. Learn from what works.
Understand your success so you can repeat it! Look close at what you did right so you can repeat it.  Write down what worked so you can remember.


Stacy Henrie said...

I totally hear you about the "enjoy the journey" thing. I think that will always be my life-long mantra. :) I like being done with a book, but sometimes I forget to enjoy the writing of it. That's something I'm working on. Great post!

Angie said...

All great suggestion. Being positive, doing hard things, learning and enjoying the journey! Love it.

Taffy said...

Thanks Stacy. I wrote the post to remind me! I might have to repost it in a few months to remember again.

Angie! You are a great example of enjoying the journey and doing hard things.