10 Things I learned @ LTUE

  1.  Kate DiCamillo was rejected 500 times.
  2. Follow the publishers guidelines.
  3. Being in a live audience for Writing Excuses Podcast is hilarious.
  4. Choose a "uniform" and wear it; dress for success.
  5. Your success as a writer is directly proportional to the appearance you give.
  6. Writing is a safe way to be a sociopath.
  7. YA books are popular because they are hopeful.
  8. Write to your passion.
  9. Practice, practice, practice your pitch!
  10. You may wear a cape to LTUE 


Angie said…
Awesome lessons learned. Thanks for hanging out with me!
Rebecca said…
Those are great! Thanks for sharing!
Karen Dupaix said…
These are great! I could relate to most of them. I agree that it would have been nice to have a lunch break! I wish I could have gone to the "pick a uniform" class. Can you post some details from it?
Shallee said…
He he. Capes are awesome. :) It was great to meet you there!
kbrebes said…
Very cute! And, helpful!
Canda said…
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Canda said…
I like the take on why YA is popular. That's exactly why I read it. Adult fiction often wants to show that nothing turns out well. I'd rather read "fiction".
Rachelle said…
So cool! Thanks for sharing. I was sad to miss it this year--maybe next year!
It was so cool to meet you! Thanks for posting this list. I had to miss alot because of school--I'm glad I can get the cliff notes version. :D
I wear capes everywhere, so that's good.
Writing said…
Wow- great post on LTUE. I actually know an author who dresses in steampunk all the time. IT almost made me write it just so I could wear it :) Thanks!
Lillian from Writing Snippets
Love your list. I really missed out not going. Next year . . .
Taffy said…
Karen, I think a post is coming in a few days about the uniform.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!
Lois D. Brown said…
Love it. Wish I could have gone.
Laura said…
I love the list! Lots of good things to learn at LTUE. And just FYI, that girl wears a cape even when she's not at LTUE. It's fun. I prefer over the knee green boots myself. =)

Laura J.

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