Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My 2010 Reading List

I took the reading challenge to read 100 books in 2010 and I accomplished it!

I need a new reading challenge for 2011.
What are your reading goals for this year??

This is the list of the books I read this past year, starting from the books I finished this week.

1. Book of Mormon
2. Nightshade
3. A Time To Die
4. The Silence of God
5. Legend of Shannonderry
6. Book of Mormon
7. Human Blend
8. The Limit-MG
9. Pathfinder-YA
10. Dangerous Connections
11. The Christmas Shoes
12. Cross My Heart
13. Promise Me
14. A Return to Christmas
15. Imprints
16. The Fairy's Mistake
17. The Forgotten Garden
18. Scorch Trials-YA
19. Emotional Intensity
20. Clockwork Angel-YA
21. Forbidden Sea-YA
22. English Triffle
23. Shiver-YA
24. Paranormalcy-YA
25. Outlive Your Life
26. Out Of My Mind-YA
27. One Hand, Two Hands-PB
28. How To Ditch Your Fairy-YA
29. The Rising Tiger-YA
30. Mockingjay-YA
31. Red Queen
32. The Last Book In The Universe-YA
33. Crossing the Tracks
34. Believing Christ
35. The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln
36. Let's Do Lunch
37. The Adoration of Jenna Fox-YA
38. The Remarkable Soul of A Woman
39. How To Take The Ex Out Of Ex-Boyfriend-YA
40. Sea-YA
41. The Strange Case of the Origami Yoda-MG
42. Before I Fall-YA
43. Look Again
44. The Cinderella Society-YA
45. The Iron King-YA
46. Eve and The Choice Made In Eden
47. Golden Spiral-YA
48. Incarceron-YA
49. Trapped
50. The Body Finder-YA
51. Alma the Younger
52. The Short Second life of Bree Tanner
53. Princess of Glass-YA
54. Chocolate Roses
55. My Double Life-YA
56. Queen in Exile
57. Hex Hall-YA
58. Courting Miss Lancaster
59. As You Wish-YA
60. Spells-YA
61. Friendship for Grown-Ups
62. The Saphhire Flute
63. In the Company of Angels
64. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon-YA
65. Heartbeat-YA
66. Missing
67. Front and Center-YA
68. When You Reach Me-YA
69. Beautiful Creatures-YA
70. The Way He Lived-YA
71. The Thorn-Chornicles of Gan
72. City of Glass-YA
73. City of Ashes-YA
74. I'll Know You By Heart
75. Along for the Ride-YA
76. Book of Mormon Women
77. The BookThief-YA
78. The Off Season-YA
79. Speaker For The Dead
80. Listening For Lions-YA
81. Beauty-YA
82. Winter's Child-YA
83. Shudder
84. Love Your Body
85. The Girl Who Could Fly-YA
86. The Chosen One-YA
87. Hush, Hush-YA
88. Shiver-YA
89. Lock Down
90. The Sugar Queen
91. Eyes Like Mine
92. The Dark Divine-YA
93. The Peacegiver
94. Mormon Mishaps and Mischief
95. The Dangerous Days of Daniel X-YA
96. Dear John
97. City of Bones- YA
98. Dairy Queen-YA
99. They Saw the Future by-Jr
100. The Magicians Elephant -Jr
101. Maze Runner-YA
102. Calamity Jack-YA
103. King's Equal-Jr
104. Wintergirls-YA
105. Mistborn
106. Linger-YA


Angie said...

That's quite a list. I'm impressed. I have read a few of those, but not very many. And my own list isn't nearly as long. Good job!

Wall-to-wall books said...

I need some reading challenges for 2011 too!!!!! I can't believe I don't have any set yet!

Taffy said...

I saw a someone's reading challenge for themselves to read 160 books this year! That's a ton of books!

Kimi said...

First, you're insane.

Second, which ones should I read?

I need a list of your recommended reads!

We never did establish the secret code for you to hide in your reviews when you wouldn't recommend a particular book to people like me.

'Cause remember how I read one and then you were all why did you read that it wasn't a good one and I was all I know why didn't you tell me?

It was REALLY fun writing that sentence without any punctuation. I feel so naughty, like my English teacher is gonna kick my bum or something! Oh wait--I don't have an English teacher. (And don't say obviously).

Taffy said...

Thanks keems!

Kathi Oram Peterson said...

Wow! That's quite an impressive list. I hope one of my books makes it next year. ;)

Taffy said...

Kathi! I was reading your book but it was a library book was overdue before I could finish it. Maybe this year?

Valerie Ipson said...

Okay, so I'm more into English than I am Math, but 100 books comes out to like two a week. Granted I read Mockinjay in two days, but some books take a bit longer, don't they?

I love the idea of a code like Kimi talked about!